Audi TT 1.8T Quattro (225BHP) Induction Kit

Found 15th May 2008
Does anyone have any knowledge of how well a K&N filter (image below) would work with an audi TT.
E.G. Increasd BHP, engine sound, etc.

Also if it will create any problems for the engine?

Rep is waiting for any helpful info!
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I dont think the induction kit will cause any problems for the engine. No idea how it will work. All I know for a fact the induction kit will drink petrol.
What it allows is the engine to increase the speed at which he air is taken into the engine, by reducing the network of pipes it has to go thru first. You will hear the engine taking in lungfulls of air, whereas you probably don't at the mo.
There's no reason it will use more fuel, but you will possibly be encouraged to drive harder/faster so you can listen to it more, but that's all. Basically, it improves air flow into the chambers, so making the engine more efficient.
You'll only get a nominal power increase, I'd say around 2-5bhp. That's all.

Hope this helps.
In reality the only things that will increase will be fuel consumption and engine compartment noise.

There will be no increase in BHP (note the wording UP TO 15% bla bla bla!

You will save on the cost of replacement Air Filters

If you want an increase in BHP the easiest and best route is to use the super dooper fuels available @the pumps - response and power will be noticable.
Yep, it will drink more fuel. Mine did.
Watch out for the MAF sensor if you're removing the airbox, it's an important part of the engine as it reads air flow to allow the engine to perform better.

BHP would be increased by about 1 - 2 max, but all you're doing is making the engine bay look nice with one of these.

Maybe this is what you're after ?
The engine 'should' run smoother, that's about it. As to drinking more fuel... Well i've owned a K&N for years and thats complete BS. I get much better fuel efficiency than with a standard paper filter. One word of warning though. If you do get one you may want to build a heat shield for it and pipe air directly to it. The best way is to actually box it in with a big bore forced induction pipe into the box. The reason being, if you leave it all 'free' you'll be sucking hot air from the engine bay, which defeats the object and can actually cause loss of BHP:thumbsup:
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