Audible player now on basic kindle ereader

Found 14th Jan
A few days ago I noticed a new Bluetooth icon on my basic 'bottom of the range', year old amazon kindle ereader . This is due to the latest software update. I have a free three month trial of amazon kindle unlimited which includes audible and Ebook rental. Also the reader is permitting limited web browsing from sites linked to books e.g. Open university website from their free books.

Obviously these devices always had the hardware to provide these services and for some reason Amazon has decided to do this now. Unfortunately there is a lot of 'fire kindling ' (hope u like the stupid pun) on kindle unlimited and wonder if they are going to up this premium service with a better selection of books
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But the book cannot speak?
seazach8 m ago

But the book cannot speak?

If you have kindle unlimited you get free audible book rentals for several of the books available . Hence you can listen to the audible production and read from the same kindle . This is very helpful to me because I always have my kindle with me and I needed wifi to sync between playing the audible books on my old iPod in car/train and reading on ereader . Now basic kindle (free thanks to radio times subscription mentioned in UKHD) allows me to read and listen seemlessly. I've been looking for a 2nd hand 3G kindle to sync out and about but now no need. You can usually buy audible version of mot books for max £2.99 when you buy kindle ebook if you don't use kindle unlimited . Kindle unlimited in my opinion is not worth paying full price for.
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