Audio books Where to get them.

    As i cant see i thought id try an audio book.
    Wheres the best place to get them.
    The library ones aernt up to much in our little village.
    Im finding searching for them difficult.
    Do they play on an ipod, then dh can put em on it.?
    Or do i need a cd player.?
    Thank you fopr any help


    For me i get mine from Amazon on CD as i use them in the car when i travel…=20

    they'll play on your ipod - you can get them on loads of online sites, many for free....

    Downloads are by far the cheapest way to get audio books. But you can buy them also, to come as CD's. My husband loves them as he plays them while he works.

    there are lots on the web that you can download free.

    I know that a lot of stuff on torrent sites breach copyright, but there are also items on sites like Azureus that have audiobooks (such as classics) that no longer have copyright on them and are perfectly legal to download and are free. These all work on an Mp3 player.

    Libraries also have audiobook sections that you can borrow. these tend to be in CD or Cassette Tape format and you can get some fantastic unabridged versions of books that are just too expensive to buy (unless you are loaded.)

    worth a look.

    I think iTunes have them aswell?

    Take a look at Audible:…Yes
    they have a big range and you can get a book every month for £7.99 if you join up.

    Original Poster

    oooo thank you. Theyll be perfect for when im bored stiff in hospitial next month.

    the wife loves the harry potter audio books

    Try you're local library - mine has loads and I get them and copy them onto Ipod for free...
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