Audio help for extending Logitech X540 speakers please

Found 13th Jan 2009
I have recently Bought the Logitech X540 PC speakers. I am actually using them with my TV and PS3 which is working fantastically. Only problem is the rear speaker cables are far too short (common problem). As much as I've searched for the solution nowhere seems to give a solid answer so I was wondering if anybody knew what cable I'm after to extend these speakers further. I understand there may be sound quality loss but will not affect me at all. I just need two cables to extend the rears and cannot find them. I have an image of the rear of the sub which shows the 5 speaker cables (two of which I need to extend) Female to male cables will do fine I suspect.…jpg

Rep for any help as this will set me up for years now.

Cheers all.

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Best place to go into is richersounds or maplins and get cables made up or buy the stuff to make them yourself. :thumbsup:
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