Audio related things to do with cricket .. ?

    Hi, My dad is seriously ill, and is currently in hospital in critical condition. He can hear but hardly speak.

    Hes a huge cricket fan, and we thought it would be good if we could get some cricket audio things that we can put on cd for him to listen to when we can't be there to stay with him. I don't have much clue about cricket i confess - but wondered if anyone knew where i could download anything or buy any cricket commentaries or something - or if anyone has any ideas?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks



    Im not too sure to be honest.
    Somerset are playing South Africa this weekend so you could see whether you can pick up anything Somerset related. Its a shame he couldnt get his hands on a portable DVD player. The Ashes DVD from 2005 would no doubt be very appreciated. Im certain you could pick it up online or in Zavvi pretty cheap.
    Hope this helps and also best wishes.

    You could get him Harry Thompson - Penguins Stopped Play (Audio Book). Have read it and really good book for cricket fan. Zavvi have it for £11.99…jsf

    you can listen to cricket live on the radio

    sorry to hear about the situation btw

    Oh my gosh i'm so sorry to hear about that. It's too late for me to contact my dad now but he's the hon secratary of newcastle cricket club and eats sleeps walks and talks cricket so i'll try and think on and ask him tomorrow. What sort of things is it your after? match comentry and stuff?...give me a clue..i can text him

    Sorry to hear this.

    If you can get on a music 'download' site then the bbc cricket theme is 'Soul Limbo' by Booker T & The MG's.
    Puts people in a good mood & your father is sure to recognize it as a cricket fan.
    Best wishes.


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    Thanks for the messages guys, its a hard time but apparently hes slowly improving, things starting to look slightly better.

    I'll ask some relatives if they have a portable dvd player, thats a good idea - thanks.

    morris7, I can get hold of a radio for him, I'll look through now and see if i can find any matches that will be played - thanks

    Bellabonkers - thanks a lot, very kind of you. Yeah anything cricket related really, commentaries, famous incidents or anything, just anything that he could listen to really, many thanks all

    Edit: karaokecolin - thank you, I'll try and get hold of it for him

    Rep left to all

    the best site for cricket...dunno if there is anything there u can down load but have a look

    edit...juist checked there are audio snippets to the left. maybe they can be downloaded?

    If you can't find it, I've got a copy of it here if you want me to stick it on a cd for you. No worries at all - if you want to just pm me an address & I'll post it 1st class tomorrow when i'm out & about.

    my dad's just told me to direct you to ]http//ww….uk

    they have a ]dvd
    don't suppose you have a portable DVD player he can use?

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    Thanks bella, I'll take a closer look later - off for some much needed sleep now

    And very kind of you colin, the offer is much appreciated, but fortunately I've just found it quickly so don't need to take you up on your offer, but thanks again :thumbsup:

    Goodnight all x have a few audio books
    this might help cheer him up a little, just going on personal experience i know my dad would like it

    no woorries dude - hope he improves very quickly.

    Good luck.


    sorry to hear that, mate. that's a thoughtful thing to get hope all goes well.

    on a site called type in cricket in the search it brings up plenty of results to download have a look through them any probs give me a shout. hope he gets better soon:thumbsup:

    the cricket is on radio four longwave at times. also can listen to it on radio 5 live sports extra which has better coverage, but think that's just digital tv channel?! not sure if you can get that on digital radio... anyone know?


    BBC Radio 4:
    Analogue radio on 198LW
    BBC 5 Live Sports Extra:
    DAB digital radio

    england vs new zealand should be on radio on the 28th

    aw what a lovely idea, the works bookshop usally has something tht sounds kinda similar. hope he gets better, god bless

    if you don't have a dvd player there are programs out there that let you rip the audio from dvds and have them as sound files etc. not sure of names off the top of my head though. maybe then copy those to cd.

    good news that he's slowing improving

    10cc - Dreadlock Holiday

    wicked tune
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