Audiophiles- which phone gives best sound to usb External DAC like DragonFly Black available in UK any price ok/

Found 27th Feb 2017
If you haven't tried it an external DAC makes an enormous difference to music on a phone . I was blown away when i first connected my DragonFly black(£90) DAC to my Samsung S5
I'm looking to upgrade my phone and struggling to find a phone with usb hosting mode (for DAC play) that is an upgrade in sound from s5
Just sent new one plus 3t(great phone) back as the Dragonfly DAC sounds awful . Axon 7 have throttled their sound, lg v10 & 20 not in UK,wondering about HTC? And Sony Xperia XZ Premium sounds interesting
Phone must have at least 821 processer, 64gb internal or above , great battery and sd card (if internal only 64gb)prepared to pay flagship price
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htc 10 has built in dac brilliant 820 chip though. the new LG also have a decent dac
I can answer this i reckon so i was always aware that the DragonFly was always rated as the #1 DAC for the price but was curious as to what phone sounded like regarding sound quality, anyway over on the website the #1 site for audiophiles portable sound etc theres a few threads where the community have bought and compared the various DAC's and phones and i can safely say after my extensive research that in summary the HTC 10 was considered great but not as good as the V10/20 which in turn sounds more clinical but not quite as nice as the LG G5 with the B&O DAC which inturn EASILY beat from multiple accounts the DragonFly DAC (Which surprised me for the record) so around 6 months ago i pulled the plug on the LG G5 on deal from here 4gb data unlimited calls,texts with a FREE B&O DAC and Headphones all for £25 a month and it literally blew me away, i stuck in a 256gb Samsung Evo+ micro Sd Card (one of the best cards for 4k speed which is needed for Adoptive storage) and blam ive now got a 267gb (usuable) Hi-res player that smokes most dedicated players £300.
And this is the community's #1 rated app to make a phone/DAC sing the to highest quality USB Audio Player PRO…_GB

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Most modern phones have good DACs in them, it's more a case of not enough voltage output on the inbuilt headphone amps.
I don't think you understand what the DAC is for, the phone point of the DAC is to do the processing rather than the phone itself, so as long as the phone supports it then it doesn't matter what the phones own audio quality is like. But yes, apparently the 820 has a decent one available as an extra that some manufacturers use.
best sounding smart phones(available in the UK),

HTC 10
Zte Axon 7 /mini (the mini sounds better to me)
LG G5 with B&O play

If you don't mind getting a phone from abroad there are many options
xiaomi mi note/note pro
Letv max x800
gigaset me pro
Lg v10/20
Vivo v5,v5 max
vivo xplay 5 and xplay 6
Zte nubia z11

Thanks for comments, I'll have a look at the HTC10,, LG5, & Axon 7 mini.
It's suggested that for the op3t it’s the build of Android installed on the phone that doesn’t have the components required to drive an external DAC, hopefully this will change with an update as it's a great phone
Also looking at another route, headphones /Earbuds with built-in DACS & amplifiers like the Sony 1ADAC or Z:ero Digital Earphones

As anyone had Audiophile quality experience with DAC with Sony phones, the soon to come out Sony Xperia XZ Premium sounds interesting?

I don't think you understand what the DAC is for, the phone point of the … I don't think you understand what the DAC is for, the phone point of the DAC is to do the processing rather than the phone itself

Well, the creation of the analogue signal to drive the speaker. Any processing you want to apply like equalisation is generally done by the computer/phone.

It's likely that some processing is inevitable, for example the mixing required to play one sound on top of another - such as your ring tone when listing to music.

I'm not familiar with the android audio system though, so I don't know if all phones do it the same way or if it's something manufacturers frequently tinker with.
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