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    I am trying to find one of those audio/video senders for my home. I think it transmits pictures/sounds to another tv in the house. It also needs to be compatibe with Sky and have a infrared, so can be used with remote controls - would like to change channels on the tv it transmits too, without having to go back to the main tv and doing it.....if that makes sense!!

    If you know of any going cheap, as on a budget now, would appreciate knowing where!!

    Chez x


    Try this at Maplins…ia=


    Best of luck.:-D

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    I also forgot to add:

    I have a Sky wireless router in the house, and have been told by friends that their wireless router (Netgear) interferes with the audio/video sender signal, and they have to turn the power off the router when watching tv in the room which receives the signal! so trying to find one that also works if there is a wireless router in the home too!

    Thank you

    I'll second cheztaz's recommendation.

    If you have wifi in the vicinity then these 2.4GHz sender units will not work terribly well. I've tried a few of these now and even if all my wireless is switched off then the neighbours' will interfere.

    It interferes in the most annoying way as well - a rhythmic pulse that gives a horizontal bar in the middle of the screen and a pulsing buzz. It's terrible!

    I believe that US video senders use the 1.2Ghz frequency, which fair better in a wifi environment.

    Just be careful out there - make sure you can return it if it doesn't work.
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