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Found 14th Feb 2010
Anyone here done it?

Decided I'm going no where in my job (for the time being), I'm 25 in May, pretty much fed up with the UK right now, have got no ties to be here! So time for some adventure!

Is it hard to find work out there? I'm currently an IT support technician but hell, I'll even work in bars or do fruit picking..

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My sister and bf have just got there working visa's for austrailia
£120 took a few weeks to come through

Not sure on work part though

best of luck

Get yourself there... I went 7 years ago and it was one of the best things I've ever done.

I had about a year there. Managed to get work in a few places along the way - I did cleaning in a hostel in exchange for my board in Adelaide, and in Melbourne I did Admin work at various places for 3 months.

I went with two other girls, and they also found work in Melbourne - one doing call centre work, and the other doing Dental Nursing (her profession here).

There are loads of agencies you can register with, and jobs are advertised in hostels and things.

I knew people that did fruit picking, but it was long hours, hard work, and little pay. Some of the fruit, like the mangos, actually burned you too, so I wouldn't advise it.

If you want to do bar work, you need to get a certain license out there - well, you did 7 years ago... it may have changed? But bars won't employ you until you have it, so you may want to look into that. It costs money, but once you have it, you should be able to find work with no probs...

Edit: And a friend of mine was in IT and he managed to source a job before he went. He's still there now: married and with a son... this is about 10 years later, now, lol!


go for it.........make sure you stop in asia for a couple of months on the way there.

youll find work no problems either within your profession or doing something completely different. you get 1 year initially but if you go do 3 months of fruit picking you get another year on top

best thing youll ever do
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