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    I am loooking for flights to Brisbane just after Christmas. The date is pretty flexible as long as it is after Christmas..the sooner after Christmas the better.

    Would be grateful for any pointers!!! Many thanks! :santa: :santa: :santa:


    Where would you like to fly from? How many people are travelling and how long would you like to go for?

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    London im guessing will have the cheapest flights, there is just 2 of us and we want to go for around a month

    Emirates are offering some pretty good deals, I know they fly to Perth. If you want some stop overs or to travel around Australia then try Qantas dreamtime tickets and then stop in Japan, Hong Kong, Bangkok or Singapore (to name a few) and it doesn't really add too much although you could end up looking at 1000. if you consider the stop overs or the fact you can travel all over Oz then that is not too bad.

    If you are on a tight budget then look at flying on Oasis to Hong Kong (for about 260 return) and then flying with one of the many budgets to Oz. You might pick up a decent price although you might have to go via Singapore. The earlier you plan the cheaper it is. Factor in extra days in case of delays and use those days to explore the stop overs. It really helps to break up a long journey.

    There are now quite a few budget airlines operating in Asia and to Oz. Jet star and Tiger are two that come to mind but there are many others too. I have flown with Tiger and they are great, they fly quite cheaply from Bangkok to Perth so check them out.

    Other than that, try or or even expedia. But be warned expedia are offering 750 flights to Perth on Emirates that only cost 604 on Emirates site. I know as I'm off to Oz myself in 5 weeks.

    Sinapore air is always cheaper direct on it site , and you can then pick the seats. Emmigrating to Oz in June

    I think I'm right in saying that fares are slightly cheaper after Jnauary 15th but that date may have changed - check with the airline. Airline Network offer some great deals so do a search to see which airline is the cheapest. The last few times I've flown to Oz I've gone with Japan Airlines who offer great fares. If you can't wait that long after Christmas then it will be a lottery to be honest and you have to be in the right place at the right time to get a good fare.

    Had a look at a few sites. Currently the cheapest I have come across is £942 with Heathrow - Dubai -Singapore-Brisbane. Flights with only 1 stop are between £1,000 and £1,100 per person, had a look at Emirates, BA, Singapore Airlines & Qantas.

    Oasis currently only have their flights on sale until October 2007, would expect that flights from November 2007 to March 2008 should go on sale pretty soon.

    You are looking to travel at peak time hence the flights being so expensive. I went to Sydney in February 2005 for a month, we ended up going in the middle of Feb to get the cheapest fare, we paid £625 per person with BA. BA were doing their world offers at the time so that was the cheapest by quite a bit.

    We didn't do any stopovers but I would definitely recommend doing a stop over particularly on the way back. The way over was fine but next time we go definitely stopping on the way back.

    The earlier you book then the cheaper the fare will be. It may be worth hanging on to see what the fares with Oasis are but if you do the flights with the other airlines will be going up in price it's the chance you take.

    Love Australia, can't wait to go back again!

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    Thanks everyone!!!! It will be my 2nd time going to Oz and i love it!!! We flew on Xmas Day last year and it cost a fortune so i am planning ahead this year and hoping to book the flights early!!! Rep to all!!


    Thanks everyone!!!! It will be my 2nd time going to Oz and i love it!!! … Thanks everyone!!!! It will be my 2nd time going to Oz and i love it!!! We flew on Xmas Day last year and it cost a fortune so i am planning ahead this year and hoping to book the flights early!!! Rep to all!!

    Went to Oz for the weekend earlier in the year (!), flight over there had an on-demand video system so watched what you wanted when you wanted which helped with the long trip. Flying back with the same airline so left a few good films for the way back only to find the plane on the return flights did not have the same entertainment system so was left with very little to watch - finished a good book though!

    Hiya people, I am an Australian who lives (esentially) half my life here and half my life in Australia - I have done the trip more than a dozen times in the last 3 years! I would always suggest getting the most direct flight you can unless you have time to spare or want a stopover. Its a 23 hour flight and its not reallky worth the £70 saving to fly via 3 other places with stop overs of 2-3 hours - you end up wasting half your life in airports and you spend any extra that you save on books, magazines, food, coffee, internet etc anyway!! I always fly either Qantas or BA and can get reasoable deals - my advice on price is to REALLY shop around, internet will give you a good idea but travel agents will sometime beat internet prices if you push them. Singapore airlines are good as well and sometimes do good prices. Virgin Atlantic never seem to be able to compete price wise.

    Qantas and BA also have the digital entertainment systems on (almost) all their planes with hundreds of CD's, movies and TV channels on demand - it sure does help!

    I also try to stop ove in Singapore (for a mx 2 hours). Singapore has a nice new airport where you can get a good cheap coffee using £ or $ and free internet terminals all over the airport - plus the shopping is good. Its also a sprawling single storey airport so it will take 10-15 mins to walk to the main part of the terminal - perfect for stretching the legs on that long flight!

    I have family all over Australia and have been up and down the east coast a million times so if anyone has any questions on what to see, where to stay, cheap accommodation or how to do things then let me know!

    In terms of flights though, it's usually worth paying the extra few quid for a good plane with decent food, good entertainment system and quite a short stop over - it can be a very VERY long way if you don't plan it right (especially for europeans who are used to flying les than 3 hours everywhere).


    One more thing- think that comfort doessn't matter then try this.

    Go and sit in the passenger seat of your car with an ipod and a book at dinner time tonight - and stay there until dinner time tomorrow! thats how long you'll be sitting still on the way to Sydney!

    And have the driver fall asleep on you , a couple of kids behind you kicking the chair, and if possible someone asking if they can get out every hour to go the toilet.

    Oh if you pick a good airline, there will be a single plastic cup of water available to drink

    Moving to Oz in 32 days.... 23 hours of hell for a lifetime of fun.

    you moving forever datamile? any reason?

    Yup.. forever.. off to brisbane.. made my money here.. making the right choice for my kids.

    sounds like a good plan! I have been in england for nearly 3 years now. But it seems that all my english friends are making the move to australia. I feel like th odd one out having moved this way! Although, having said that, it looks like my girlfirends contract will expire in July so we'll be moving back in August. I have enjoyed my time here but have to say that if I had kids (which I don't) then I wouldn't want to raise them in England. Your kids will love it!!
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