australian emigration, life and tips pls, asap. adelaide outback.

    my friend is emigrating and was wondering if anyone could advise them on what way sim cards work out there and if payg is best or contract, and which service best to go with. they are going to south aus close to adelaide.also info on internet services be good as well. thanks.
    any tips or advice generally asap really appreciated people.




    depends whereabouts they will be living, theres optus and vodafil but the coverage and service isnt so good especially when you get out the cities

    telstra has best coverage but is expensive, i think theyve just brought in some caps tho…rs/

    im with voda i pay $30 a month and get $450 worth of calls and about a gig of data

    internet is expensive compared to the uk where i was paying 7 quid a month, i now pay $79
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    hi, they are going to be in murray bridge about 80k from adelaide, so i guess its an outback service they need. prob lelstra be the best as you say. hadnt realised that broadband was so dear, they will be surprised at that.
    any other information appreciated thanks.

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    any other information people about oz life and tips.

    My friend says 'take marmite'.

    Also, get a smartphone which can have the skype, viber and whatsapp apps for free calls and text messages in a wifi area.

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    take it being australia they are going to need quad band phones?

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    sickly sweet

    My friend says 'take marmite'.

    never even thought of marmite.
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