Authentic Mens Lacoste T-shirts and Polo Shirts

    Looking to purchase some authentic Mens Polo Shirts and T-shirts. Size M/L. Went to buy some from the states but were $60 to $80 when i was there and with the exchange rate atm didnt seem that cheap. Sure we can find some better deals in the UK.


    I have a red 1 my gf bought me but it is WAY too small.
    Think it's either an xl or maybe xxl but it is tiny!
    Only tried it on once but cant be bothered to put it on ebay.
    Any good to you or do you want brand new?

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    Sorry i am M/L so way too big for me.

    Has anyone used or heard of this site before -…=10

    Good prices but i always worry bout tax/customs when ordering from the US

    Ridiculously cheap, are they genuine?


    Ridiculously cheap, are they genuine?

    Fake as they come.

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    Any other places people recommend?
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