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    I'd really like one of these bins, they have sensors built in so you don't have to touch the bin to open it. I fancy quite a large on, probably 50L. They have them on price drop tv, but I've never used price drop before, and their P&P to Northern Ireland is extortionate. I'd like silver or black, but not red.


    An alternative :


    I got my chrome 50l sensor bin for about 30 pound off ebay- I love it but it takes 4 D batteries and they need changing very frequently!!!!!!!!!

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    Mecoconuts I really can't touch dirty things lol, that's why we have no bins in the house, and I really don't think I could touch the bin, even lightly, to open it.

    Alison I'll take a wee look on ebay - how frequently do the batteries need changing? Is it a silly amount of time, like every week?

    Every couple of weeks, I keep meaning to get some rechargeables- although I'm using energizers this time and they've lasted much longer than any other brand but I think I've seen some auto bins that use AA which are much cheaper than D's!

    Got an auto bin from makro for around 40 about two years ago and the batteries are looking like they need changed only now, so mabey you should try there.:thumbsup:


    I got the same auto bin from Macro for around £40. Despite that it frightened everyone that walked past it as it would open with a rather robotic opening sound, this was quite funny. However I would recommend against them. They are very hard to keep clean, they do need battery changes regularly, and they cannot be used if the batteries go (the only way is to take the lid off turning it in to a regular bin.)

    For about the same price I would recommend a waste disposal unit under your sink. Much cleaner and easier.…nit

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    Dang, I thought they'd be quite easy to keep clean. I don't want to fork out all that money for a bin and then have to throw it out cos it's dirty! I don't think waste disposal is the answer either, AFAIK it can only cope with foody things. Ah well, maybe I'll just save my cash a little longer.
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