auto car insurance renewal vs new quote by same company

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can i reinsure my car with the same company but not go through the automatic renew quote so that i can also take advantage of any discounts that are available as a 'first time buyer' and that are obviously not available on the ridiculously inflated auto renewal rate?

or do they have some kind of sneaky get out clause to prevent us doing such a thing?

if so, do i have to leave my old insurance company to get a better deal?

can already see my 'new' quote is nearly £200 cheaper than the auto renew with hastings, more so if the cashback works. i imagine i could haggle down my auto quote but it'll still be more without that cashback, if it delivers.

anyone any advice?
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I had same thing with Hastings Direct,auto renew price was almost £200 up on previous year. Online quote for exactly same cover by the same company was £172 cheaper. Phoned but they wouldn't budge on price. Told them not to auto-renew and bought policy online with no problems.
Yes this is standard now even if with same company, they will tell you to buy it online cheaper even if it's with them
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I'm with Admiral, and had a slight increase this year, I looked around and found a better deal with someone else, so I phoned them up to see if they would match it - they went one better and went even lower
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