Auto Cashback - Used to get a cheaper IPhone.

    AutoCashback £250
    Possible Quidco £50
    Phone recycle value £20.

    24 Months, Auto cashback with, W395 with 600 mins and unlimited texts £25 on vodafone.

    I would of done this deal, then purchased a phone on ebay to accompany it - I got my 3GS for £340 inc delivery - I am sure there's more to be had for around that price too!

    Much better than getting an IPhone directly on contract - obviously this could be used towards other phones - but only really suits if you want an IPhone 3GS outright, as other mobiles can be had for this without messing on.

    Didn't bother posting on deals, as it would probably get cold

    Could also use it just to get some extra cash by getting into a contract! If your already paying £20 on a sim only - its probably worth it, keep aside the possible £320 for future phones.

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    Not if you want an iphone.
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