Posted 16th Jan 2017
When calling my GP this morning to try and get an appointment, I expected to have to redial multiple times with the line being busy, however, it was over 30 minutes work manually redialling before I finally got through! - and then all appointments for today were already taken!

There doesn't seem to be any built-in auto redial feature on the Moto G, so I installed several auto redial apps, but none of them work...

Some apps are kind enough to mention that for them to work, your phone needs to automatically hang up on a busy signal, however, the Moto G doesn't (well, it does, but it's only after about 30 seconds).

Surely there must be an app (that can hang up) or a way to quickly automatically redial a number? - I have 3 landline phones, but none of them have an auto-redial function either.
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