Autocad on the cheap?

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Found 17th Sep 2009
Hello there. I was thinking about relearning autocad. Its been about 7 years since I used it at Uni.

Does anyone know a good way of getting a legal version cheaply. I'm guessing each new release is much of a muchness and that a 2003 version or something would be just as good to relearn as the latest.

Alternatively are there any freeware clones that behave in the same way?


im sure you can download it for torrent sites, with a crack.


im sure you can download it for torrent sites, with a crack.

Topic starter asked for a [SIZE="2"]legal version[/SIZE]


Microstation is free alternative version of AutoCAD. I've used it before at University and it's fairly good. It's "kinda" like AutoCAD but not - haha! But I guess it does the job with CAD design. I believe you will have to register before you can download it.

ProgeSOFT is another "free" version of AutoCAD. Never used it before but it's suppose to be really good as my friend's dad (who is a surveyor) recommended to me before I got my version of AutoCAD.

I suggest learning with version 2007 (if you do get AutoCAD 2007) as it's pretty much the same as 2003. But DON'T learn with 2010! Argh! They have changed the ENTIRE interface and it's horrible. Yuck. :x

Hope this helps!

Its available free to students from the autodesk site
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