Autochess (PS4) including Chiyome Mochizuki chess piece (PS plus only) at Playstation Store

Posted 1st Feb 2021
Autochess recently released on console and I have been enjoying it, I made this post to make others aware as I am a console addict and knew nothing about this release. The game itself is free but if you are a PS plus subscriber you get a free chess piece.…08E…O02

Auto Chess is a free online multiplayer game.

Auto Chess, the world-renowned competitive strategy game, has hit PlayStation with remastered graphics, next-gen photorealistic visualization, and PlayStation exclusive content. Get ready for a next level strategic experience for all players!

There are more than 70 unique chess pieces in the game. Each chess piece is defined by two characteristics – race and class. Adapt your strategy to dominate the battlefield by collecting and upgrading chess pieces with an endless variety of lineups only limited by your imagination. Auto Chess can be casual or competitive, you decide. Now jump in and battle players from around the globe!

An all-new season brings a brand-new race to the battlefield – introducing the Pandaman. A once peace-loving race, the Pandaman were thrown into war when their civilization was threatened. Will you join this battle in their quest to defend the families and homeland?

Test your might from local tournaments to global championships which are packed with fantastic prizes and enjoy the unrivaled competitive experience! In the ever-changing eSports environment, you’ll need to adapt and manage every moment to dominate your opponents and become even more powerful.

A game that has achieved the dream of bringing console, PC, and mobile players together to play online, anytime and anywhere. Challenge friends and rivals around the globe in an instant.

Auto Chess, and its innovative gameplay, are co-developed by Dragonest Game Co. Ltd and Drodo Studio and published by Dragonest Game Co., Ltd. Don’t miss this original and definitive auto-battler gameplay experience.
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