Automatic £25 Refund for Admiral Car Insurance Policyholders

Posted 21st Apr 2020
Thought I'd put this up for information as I've just had an email about it (couldn't see it mentioned on here)…ome

Admiral are refunding £25 per vehicle to policyholders, as per the following:

"With fewer cars on the roads during the UK lockdown, we’re seeing a reduction in the number of claims coming in. We want to give the money we would’ve used to pay these claims back to our loyal customers in this difficult time.

If your car or van is one of the 4.4 million vehicles insured with us on 20 April 2020, you’ll get an automatic £25 refund per vehicle.

You don’t need to contact us or do anything at all at this stage, we’ll be in touch between now and the end of May with more details about the refund.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please take a look at our Stay at Home Refund page
which answers questions around the refund."

Wouldn't have thought I'd see the day an insurer did such a thing!

This may help massively for those whom £25 is the difference between eating and not!

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Also might be worth asking.

If you are paying your insurance monthly and are struggling a bit at the moment (such as waiting for UC or any other payments to kick in), give admiral a call. They have some measures set it place to help those who are struggling to make payments.

They offered me a 30-45 day extension for my payment so I don’t have to pay this month.
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