Automatic music labbeling?

    I have collected a large number of music over a few years and now I have got an mp3 player I noticed they aren't labelled very well (including titles and art) and I was wondering what is the best software to automatically label and correct the names and information of the mp3s?


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    is fix tunes any good?

    I find Tag&Rename a very good application. It will also search online for the music info to put in for your mp3's if you ask it to. Havent used anything else as its fully up to the job.

    For video files etc i use a program called file renamer deluxe, that is also very good.

    But for MP3's definately Tag&Rename


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    Will try it out, must remember to give you rep if it works out.

    try gracenote - pretty much always works

    M3tag is the one for me, so log as each album is in a seperate folder it, should automaticaly recognise and tag them. Oherwise try their classictagger looks at andividual tracks "accouistic fingerprint" to identify and tag it. This works between 60 to 70% of the time from personal experience and is great if you have a folder full of single tracks.
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