Automotive glass replacement - best prices?

Ladies and Gentlemen

Last night some little charmer smashed one of the windows in my car. I phoned Autoglass this morning and to replace the rear passenger main window and the triangular filler pane on a 1996 ford fiesta will cost £225.73. That includes a 30% discount for AA membership and a £15 knock off for driving it to the outlet.

I have phoned the little local garage to see if they can find something in the wrecker's for me - (waiting on him returning with price)

Do any of you guys know of any alternative deals that might make the price more reasonable for replacement windows?

I think if I caught the little swine who did it I would replace the glass with a leather roller blind!



Are you sure you're not covered on your insurance ?

A lot of insurance policies cover widescreens, so it's worth checking. Should not affect your no claims bonus.


Most insurance companies do provide windscreen + windows coverage as long as you bought their comprehensive one. As suggested, check your insurance company first.. this shouldn't affect your no-claim bonus... but to make sure, just give them a call first.

Go through your insurance - it will only cost you £40 & it won't affect your no claims bonus !!!
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