Autotrader - what I should know ...

    I think I now need to list my car up on autotrader as gumtree is just not cutting it. Below is a screenshot of the autotrader packages.

    I am now just wondering which one is the best one as I dont know if more people check in magazines or online. Also, I have checked quidco but there is nothing. Is there anything else that will cut down the cost of listing up my car with autotrader (codes, voucehers etC)

    Also, when do you think is the best time to advertise ? Im in no rush but can wait 1-2 months max.

    many thanks


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    The freeads is also very good as it costs nothing to put an advert in and both cars i put in went within 48 hours.

    i did the £34 package and it did eventually sell BUT i also did FREE adverts on preloved, vivastreet, freeads, gumtree, localads, piston heads and tescos. My Zafira sold through autotrader - buyer came over from france but my fiesta which was the £17.99 package didnt sell through it and i even renewed that one!

    I had the £44 package and was happy and gutted that it sold to the first person who saw it on the autotrader.
    So the other weeks where a bit of a waste but at least I had a quick sale.

    I think you have to be careful to put a reasonable price on the sale. If you are too greedy then it will just sit there. If you look at the prices for similar cars they should give you a good idea.

    I did the basic 2 weeks on the website, it sold the first weekend, it was a 3 year old Golf and to someone local. I too would try free ad papers too and loot aswell though.

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    Thanks guys.

    I have tried a few free websites to list it on but I dont think im getting enough exposure. Im just going to have to bite the bullet and go for autotrader. Think I will list it up for 2 weeks online @ 19.99

    thanks for everyones input !! Rep to all.

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    Ive now put my car on autotrader, freeads, gumtree, piston head

    any more I should use while Im at it ?

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    looking at it you've got it on the places with most exposure. If it's decent and at a good price, as someone previously has said it should sell. the only other place I might suggest is ebay as I've found that you have the advantage of being able to put an unlimited amount of pictures in your listings.

    Also it's not just where you advertise its the wording you use - put the facts, nobody wants to hear that "It has been loved like a child for 3 years" lol. Mileage, service history, condition etc etc. When selling a car its those facts and being honest that make a difference. Also the pictures you put up, try to show the car in good way - IE wash it before photographing.

    have you tried ebay? apparently cars sell like every 5 mins something like that.

    I have a couple of mates that have listed on ebay but with little success. I'd certainly give it a while on the freebies or autotrader before listing on ebay. Tesco customer boards are free - so you lose nothing by putting on there. Since selling my fiesta Ive had another 5 calls but dont know which adverts from - think Murphy and his law has something to do with that!!!!! LOL
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