Aux cable- iPod to car

Found 30th Sep 2009
As above really, only need a really short cable (I've seen a 30cm one on Amazon that would be fine for me)…-10

However I keep reading with the comments with this, and cheaper cables about loss of quality, interference etc, is this something that I need to accept or are there better cables that give a better sound which loses little quality?

I accept that this isnt going to be like a cheap HDMI cable that doesn't really lose quality regardless of the cable, however the one I currently have is useless, with lots of interference if you move it

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EBay Item number:150368636298

£1.25 delivered
tesco also sell them in their value range. iirc they were about £1.50
Got the exact same one from Amazon sometime ago for my Ipod Touch, works a treat. Very good quality connectors and cable. Length is plenty long enough too. Aux connection in glove box on my Mondeo and plenty of spare cable. :thumbsup:
Thanks for the replies, brought the amazon one, very good as well
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