AV advice needed pls

Posted 27th Oct
Blaupunkt 40” lcd
Denon dn-a 100
Want to feed audio from tv to amp. Tried from earphone but just got loud buzzing.
Amp/speakers tested fine same cable from MP3 player.
Tv has optical connection next to headphone but none of others indicates output.
Thanks for any help.
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Full model number of tv please
Just use an Optical to RCA converter. Here’s one that is £9.99 on Amazon. It comes with the cables you need, just connect one end of that box to your TV with the optical cable and that other end to your amp with the RCA cable.

You can get an optical cable in Poundland. Good for 5.1 Dolby.
Maggy123427/10/2019 10:24

You can get an optical cable in Poundland. Good for 5.1 Dolby.

Yes but I think that the OP's amp doesn't have optical in, only RCA analogue. It appears to be a power amp rather than a home theatre AV amp.
Model 40/1482-GB-5B2-FGKU-UK. Yes the amp is a professional one with no optical in.
Just to update. Got the Techole unit. Came with usb lead for power but no mains plug. Similarly shipped with a single rca lead. Had some kicking around. Had to connect to cd input on amp as was far too quiet on aux. Also had to leave a random lead in tv headphones socket to disable tv speakers. Sounds great though compared to previous so many thanks for the advice!
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