AV receiver audio lag - Help please

Found 4th Feb
Im experiencing audio lag on my new Denon AV receiver,
The Sky box is plugged in via HDMI cable.
In some modes its not as noticable, but still fairly annoying.

Im a complete novice and Iv tried to read up, but getting more confused
Is there fix ? Do i need an optical cable
so any help greatly appreciated
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If you look carefully in the settings, you should find a means of adjusting this.
You don't mention which model you have but try Settings/Audio Delay.
This allows adjustment from 0 to 500mS plus Auto Lip Sync.
If you need more help, then try on avforums.com too.
You shouldn't get audio sync issues unless you're doing something daft like using different routes for audio and video. The amp should be dominant over the TV, I.e. no sound through the TV speakers. Sky -》 amp -》 tv
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