Av Receiver/Speaker Help??

I'm now desperate to get this fixed.. i need DVDs!!!
I have a Yamaha RX-V350 AV receiver which i've been using fine for ages connected to 3 speakers, DVD recorder, Freecom media player and TV.
However last night when i switched the receiver on, i noticed i'm not getting any sound from the left and right speakers, only the centre speaker. I've checked the wires, used the test signal which is also only coming from the centre speaker and tried changing settings with no luck. I've also tried both my DVD and media player as an input which makes no difference, which is what makes me think it's the reciever. The speakers i presume work ok as if i turn the sound up loud, i can hear a low rumbly noise (almost like the sub noise) from both speakers. I'm missing certain parts of the sound (for example, when i put a DVD in and i think it's the dolby digital advert bit at the very begining that makes jingly bell noises from each speaker, i'm only getting the noise of one bell so to speak, not consecutive bell noises or the casino royale opening credits i can hear the background music but not the singing part of 'you know my name') I can only presume i've accidently changed a setting but i have no idea how or what?!
Can anybody please help me get my proper sound back?? :thumbsup:

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