Avali Ltd. ????

    Has anyone heard of Avali Ltd.?? They are an online company with a shop, apparently, on Oxford Street. I ordered a Panasonic shaver from them and was supposed to receive same day dispatch if ordered before 3 pm.

    Since my order (placed through Google Checkout), I have phoned, emailed and phoned again numerous times with no response.

    Was just wondering if anyone has heard of this company or know if they even exist on Oxford Street?

    Hope someone can help!

    Thank you,



    According to they are on Oxford Street.

    smart whois Canpolat[COLOR=Red]The registrant is a … Canpolat[COLOR=Red]The registrant is a non-trading individual [/COLOR]who has opted to have theiraddress omitted from the WHOIS service.ns1.fast2host.comns2.fast2host.comGoogle Page Rank: 1Alexa Traffic Rank: 1,855,214Created: 18-Sep-2007Updated: 20-May-2008Expires: 18-Sep-2009Source:

    At the very least they are being naughty listing the domain as a non-trading individual.

    When did you order?

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the replies - I ordered yesterday morning from ]http//ww…uk/ through Google Checkout. My card hasn't been charged yet (according to the status on Google Checkout) but I have been trying to ring ever since and the call just cuts off after about a minute.

    Only ordered from them since they said same day dispatch if ordered before 3 pm.

    They also have an email address which has the domain - go to ]http//ww…com and it doesn't exist. Only found this out just before.

    I had a friend visit the registered address on Oxford Street and she was told that the shop used to be there but had moved. She went to the "new" address where again the shop wasn't there. I have spoken to my credit card company who say that the payment is set up but has not yet been taken and they can't do anything about it in case my order is sent, but it really seems as though the company either no longer exists or never has existed.

    Just so everyone knows, DO NOT order from Avali Ltd.
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