avanti satalite broadband + wow + xbox live for 360 will these work?

Found 6th Oct 2008
mates got avanti satalite broadband and is having problems with xbox live on the 360 about ip address

e is also wondering if online games like world f warcraft or guild wars + silkroad will work

link below to his provider

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Hi. As long as the router is configured to 'see' the xbox360 and allow comms with it then online gaming should work fine.
its pluged in i think via rj45
So you've got the network cable lined from the 360 into the router? Have you configured the router using internet explorer to allow the 360 as an authorised device?
Without knowing what the problems are it's impossible to say. 'IP problems' sounds like it could just be the standard NAT trouble that usually comes with having a router.

The problem that springs to mind when you mention satellite is high ping and slow upload but the provider's homepage doesn't make any mention of this or whether it's a one-way or two-way link.
hes not got a router yet, so looking for a compatable any one got any ideas
he stays in the country so its limited to what internet he has and can get as the exchanges in his area are all mess up so even tho he is in a broadband area his phone line goes to a different exchagne and then back and is either two short or two long for bt to enable him to get broadband properly.
In the few instances I've seen of sattelite broadband (when I was working on loan in Lincoln) doesn't it use a 56k modem to send info as the dish can only recieve info?
am not sure how its set up he just asked me to post on hereform some advice as this forums are usualy busy
As has been mentioned there are at least two types of satellite BB, cheap (one way), expensive (two way).

I know BT operated a two way satellite system a few years ago so it's not that rare.
ithink he might be two way but not 100% sure but hes gota 15gb cap on his plan.
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