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    Hey all, I'm planning to go see this later tonight, only thing is I wear glasses.
    My question is will I be able to wear glasses alongside the '3d glasses' they hand out?

    Rep for help.


    i work in a cinema and yes its fine! and i wear glasses on glasses!

    though alot of people seem to get headaches after the film lol

    yup its fine did it when i saw it

    film is awesome

    i didnt get any headaches

    i read in Wired mag that this is meant to be even better than the usual imax 3d experience.

    james cameron worked with sony to build his dream camera, which is 2 lenses. based on the idea that's how we have our two eyes to form the 3d. he shoots the background scenery first and then the actors against a bluescreen. there are grey blocks around the stage to shape the landscape so that the actors can get a feel for it. there are three rows of software people crunching away in a corner so he gets to see the scene with the background directly which is amazing considering usually directors have to wait a month before knowing if the actors and background both work.

    they also shot the actors very near their faces, with a wide angle camera that records all the points of every frown, smirk etc so the characters are meant to be as realistic as possible. the closest they came to it was with gollum but that was painstakingly frame by frame.

    i am going to try watch this at imax waterloo at some point soon.

    Original Poster

    thanks all.

    I wore them over my glasses no problem.
    I thought the film was excellent mainly because of the 3D effects. No headache.
    Going to watch it again on Friday.

    ahh probably just the minority moaning about stuff like always lol

    My head hurt for the first 10 minutes and I was worried that I would not be able to watch it (a la DLP projectors)

    Amazing film, story line was predictable but the vistas where awesome.

    Not long come back from watching it at the iMax in Birmingham - in blurred 2D.

    Have watch other 3D films before, albeit not at the iMax, without a single problem (although I thought I would). But tonight, not a chance. Gave in 20-30 min, and kept trying throughout the film but just couldn't watch it.

    On a side note, I wouldn't go back to the iMax for lots of other things either. 1 hour wait to get a decent seat for a film, hardly any staff around, no ticket numbers meant lots of people ended up sitting in odd seats instead of with their partners, huge queue for the car park at the end cos of only 1 machine at the main exit and lots of other little things.

    can you not book online? always advisable. i cant see a good date/time for a few weeks at the waterloo one.
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