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Found 31st Dec 2009
I Think The Film Is Amazing, With The Graphics And What Not! =P

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the 3d is crap apart from the last half an hour when all the fighting and action parts are in play,

when its just people standing around talking it seems an unecessary (no idea how u spell that!) strain on your eyes and a bit of HD imaging would be much easier to look at!

but yeah was great for the action sequences!

story line was lame seen it 1000 times before but the graphics were fantasic and the 3d was amazing well worthy watching just for the visuals alone oscar winner written all over it (but not for the story)

my opinion: the 3d was unneccessary in most parts and it felt like i was watchin 2d half the time
the visuals was stunning and breathtaking, but the storyline wasnt anything new
overall 8.5

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I Was Given Some Really Futuristic 3D Glasses So i Dunno If I Have Seen The 3D Effects Better Than Everyone Else! But It Seemed Really Good To Me

I thought the visuals were amazing throughout. Considering how much of it was CGI, it was really believable.
So good, I saw it twice

I've not seen it, but from the trailer I'm guessing he goes in and swaps sides, it's really comment on man destroying nature etc? Graphics look ok, but nowt special imo. May change my mind once I've saw it

you will change your mind when you see it especially in 3d!

It's amazing..end of

I liked the film and the graphics and the colours, but having seen it in 2D and 3D I can't say that 3D makes it much different.

i loved it

was mumblin under my breath kill the humans kill the humans

loved the whole lot and didn't realise it was nearly 3 hours long till after i came out of the cinema

been waiting to see this movie for ages and glad i did and wasn't put off by neg reviews

deffo a required taste but suited my taste perfectly

Altho the mating scene would have been a bit uncomfortable for me if i were 12 with my folks watchin it and found it funny the nipples had to be removed from all the blues before the film was relased but.... i've heard they might be on with the dvd /blu ray release

overall 9 outta 10 for me sooo wanna go again !!

I saw the movie at IMAX London last night in 3D

I'd say, worth every penny and more especially with IMAX enhancing the entire experience. I give it 8.5
Weak plot, but still quite good overall

Graphics are amazing and thats where the money has been most spent


oved the whole lot and didn't realise it was nearly 3 hours long till … oved the whole lot and didn't realise it was nearly 3 hours long till after i came out of the cinema

Generally the sign of a good movie for me!!!
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