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    Have changed my avatar from a mowgai to the grinch

    Wiki'd grinch and it came up with the following

    The grinch hates christmas which is exactly what i think about it
    he is s always out to ruin something.

    but what sums it up for me is

    Grinch has a general usage as a slang term portraying a cruel, antisocial, or Christmas-hating individual

    Perfect reason for my change of avatar as its a true reflection of me but its also true that the grinch can be changed but not yet

    Would have used Scrooge but its a boring picture


    oh i liked the mogwai


    Original Poster


    oh i liked the mogwai

    Ok which one should i keep

    Mogwai 1

    Mogwai 2

    Mogwai 3

    The Grinch

    Scrooge mcduck

    mines better.

    is mogwai as in the band?

    Yeah... You are a hater. A PS3 hater LOL But other than that you're a nice guy :thumbsup:

    mogwai 2

    Original Poster


    mines better.

    No its rubbish

    the 2nd one is the best

    Original Poster

    ok number 2 is winning by 2 votes

    I think number 2 is the best out of those options

    Original Poster

    Oh dear its midnight --- gizmo has been changed back
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