Avent New Arrival Collection

    A friend ask me to find him…php this for his wife…jpg

    anyone can help?
    thanks in advance


    mothercare argos maybe
    but tell your friend make sure they go for the microwave steriliser its the best thing ever

    I agree with hana, the microwave steriliser is the best by far.

    On that link to the Avent site it says that set is exclusive to Boots,obviously you can buy the items seperately or a similar pack.

    Have a look at…ent

    They sell a lot of Avent.

    Original Poster

    anymore suggestion besides the microwave steriliser?
    my sister is giving birth in a few months Id probably buy one of these things as a gift for her
    I have not looked the price at boots yet as I seldom go to the store so if anyone know the price range that would also be helpful

    I'm not sure how much the Avent microwave sterilisers are but think they might be cheaper than the steam ones which are about £40,they do one called Avent IQ and thats about £60 but thats because its digital.
    The bottle warmers are around £20 and all the bottles are probably about £6 for a twin pack,don't know if you want breast pumps but they about £25 upwards all depends if you want hand ones,elec ones cost more.
    Usually its best to buy the same brand as the steriliser then it all fits in properly.
    Sometimes its worth buying a whole pack with everything in or you maybe better just buying what you need if you not going use everything in the large packs.

    That actual set instore probably be about £75 and says exclusive to Boots,you probably need to go to a larger store that as a fair size baby dept.

    Maybe your sister will want to breast feed baby? :-D! If that is the case the super dooper bottle set is not such a fun gift?
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