Average speed cameras on J25 on M25 - anyone know if they are working?

Found 20th May 2009
The ones just past the Watham Abbey turn off through the road works. You are supposed to be under 40mph but everyone seems to be going much faster so I wondered if they are even on? I stupidly went through at about 50 today not even realising I was at this point on the road while listening to something on the radio and am now concerned I am going to get a ticket - my fault.
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I don't see why they wouldn't be.....?
did you got through both sets at fifty? or just the first or second set at fifty?
If first option - i'd be a bit worried,
if second option i'd not worry
Not sure how many sets there are - definitely not the last one though as I had realised by then. I was just not paying attention which is stupid. But really lots of drivers are going through at 50+ in that stretch so it made me think they might know something I don't - either that or they are stupid.
I believe that average speed cameras are set apart at 1mile distances (reasoning being that too far apart and people forget there in an 'average' zone = accidentally speeding up) seems fair of the government

Also because its a fixed distance, the picture of the car/reg is only retained if you reach the second camera in a time that would indicate you are speeding.

Speed = distance / time
Do any of the speed cameras work at the speed they say?
I'm on the M25 every day and travel between junctions 11 and 16.
I do try to keep my speed down but have gone through at 80 when they've been showin at 60 but never received anything thru the post?
Maybe ive just been lucky?
regular speed cameras on M25 ..im not sure they work... ive even been flashed but got jack all in post...i aint complaining though!!

my brother said something about if the red light is on in the camera...its active... anyways...i dunno about that.... going through at 50mph in 40 is absolutely fine... i always do 50-53 average in 40 and nowt happened to me
Regular speed cams on the M25 only operate when the signs are on indicating a speed, not every sign has cameras mind, just look on the opposite side of the road for black boxes behind the road signs, they are always in the same place on both sides.

If you mean roadworks yellow avg speed cams, I can't see why they wouldn't be on! Just too many dumb people don't understand the work average and speed up between each recorder!
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