AVG and/or CCleaner?

Posted 20th Mar

Are AVG and CCleaner the same sort of thing or can I have both of them?

I'm asking as my laptop is a bit on the slow side and my wife might have to work from home so I'm trying to sort it out for her.

I've uninstalled quite a few programs and things we can do without for a few weeks.

Just to add, I've already got AVG installed and was wondering if I can add CCleaner to get rid of any files that aren't needed.

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Not really, Dellboy75. They are individual programs. One (AVG) is an Anti-virus program (or security suite) and the other (CC) is more of an "application" to clean your PC and do other various 'housecleaning' tasks. Many people however say that CCleaner isn't so much needed (or recommended) when using a modern OS like Win10. I still use it on Win8.1 and find it very useful.
By the way, I didn't say - YES - you can have both of them installed. They do not interfere with each other like having two AV's or firewall programs might. Just be wary of how much you allow CC to "clean" as it can be quite 'deep' if you wish it to be. Also, many would swear by the Registry cleaner part but; again; some would warn against that now. ALWAYS back up the registry BEFORE running the cleaner - just in case as tampering with the registry is the fastest way to break a PC.
Just a wee thought - what hard drive does your computer have? Is it a mechanical drive (HDD) or an SSD? If it's a HDD and you haven't done it yet, a good 'defragging' usually helps - especially after removing lots of stuff as files can get fragmented, which affects access times. Be prepared for quite a wait if it's a large drive though.

Depending on what work she does, if it's simply accessing the internet to do work I would wholly recommend thinking about using a "Live" Linux distro to give the computer a new lease of life. It'll fly even on older spec hardware if you try something like "Puppy" Linux. You can install it to a spare USB stick - boots in seconds and is perfectly safe to use without programs running in the background like virus-scanners etc. Comes with stock browser/email but you can install others if you wish. Worth considering perhaps?


I can recommend "XenialPup" as a nice, stable platform but you may wish to try the newer versions too. Like I say, it was just a thought if you want your laptop to feel 'nippy' again!

Regards, Phsy.
I've been using Bitdefender free version for a couple of years now for my anti virus , very good and no slow down. To keep my system sweet use Glary Utilities free version - seems good but it updates a lot , clears a lot of rubbish from your PC and keeps it running fast. Also have Malwarebites , you've guessed it, free version. All play well together.
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with windows 10, you don't need AVG, just use windows defender and you will be fine. you are not recommended to use ccleaner as that slows down your pc and harvests data from your pc. you can clean the pc yourself.
Use free versions of Avast/Bitdefender/Windows Defender for Anti-Virus
Malware bytes free for Malware
CCleaner free for only Cleaning option and don't use it to fix registry etc. Disable their monitoring options as well.
AVG will be slowing it right down. Use the built in Windows Defender and Disk Cleaner, no need for 3rd party apps.
Thanks for the comments, I'll get it sorted this weekend.
Slow pc then they spinning hard drive has corrupt sectors. No software will sort that.. Replace drive
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