AVG anyone else having problems updating this afternoon?

    Connecting but not downloading the update?


    just tried updating there, it says succesful but then no updates available

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    mmhh i get invalid update CTF control file :oops:


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    Never had a problem with AVG before usually very good but Avast is good too, might try a re-boot.....

    ]Click this if you keep getting the CTF file error to fix it.

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    black gerbil1;3291655

    ]Click this if you keep getting the CTF file error to fix it.

    Followed the fix, works fine now many thanks :thumbsup:

    My advice, for what it's worth, is to leave everything as it is until later. AVG is still running despite not being able to update the virus database. Set your update schedule for a time when the Americans are hogging the AVG system. This update failure happens every once in a while, but usually rectifies itself later in the day.
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