AVG question

Iv got the free version of AVG and did have Zonealram working with it....

My laptop wasnt working so i called dell and they eventually did that remote access (the dell person controls my comp)
he said i shouldnt need Zonealarm as the avg is enough.

is this right? he deleted it from my laptop but will i download it again ?



I only use AVG and i have never had a problem, does not mean i wont, but i guess you can never be to careful, put it back on if it makes you happy

Free AVG is just anti virus software
Zone alarm is a firewall.
So yes keep both

Well yeah AVG is enough really, I just use AVG I can't stand Zonealarm causes more probs than it solves, but its just personal choice at the end of the day. As long as you have some form of Anti-virus & firewall thats the main thing.

As the previous posters said if you want it on there for peace of mind put it on it is not up to Dell what you have on your laptop.

I only use AVG and I have never had any problems.


xp sp2 and vista both have built in firewalls so you dont need zone alarm. avg is processor intensive. get yourself a copy of nod32. and dont download so much porn!

I speak to people daily that have had the internet cut off due to us recieving complaints of a mass mailing virus leaving there IP address.

First thing i always hear is "it cant be me m8..I have Norton,mcafee,avg"

Alot of the time just having AV on your pc isnt enough..As bad as zone alarm is, it would at least prompt you that a port is being opened.

Then again i do think that most of the time its the user thats getting themself infected due to browsing habits..or spyware which has just snowballed

Are you using a wireless router?
And XP or Vista?

If you are using a wireless router it should have a firewall built in, backed up by XP or Vista firewall this should be plenty....try a test at shields up grc.com/x/n…yd2

Reports of Zonealarm on vista aren't great, although great on XP, try comodo if you are on vista it is free (if a little intrusive as it learns)

If on XP AVG & ZoneAlarm is probably one of the most popular security combinations you can have, it was what I had on my XP machine and swore by it (even with a wireless router!) on my Vista machine I use Avira AntiVir (free) and Comodo (free)

Hope that helps

Just to agree with Agent Silver, try Comodo firewall instead, it's still free and is a lot less problematic than ZoneAlarm.

The Dell engineer told you what he needed to to get your machine fixed and get you off the phone as quickly as possible, they will say whatever it takes to make you think all is well.

Original Poster

thanks everyone for your help

im using vista and wireless broaband
that was one thing i remember seing the rep do, he clicked on the vista bit and seen the firewall was on (green light) so thats maybe why he deleted it

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I must say tho the engineer from dell are really good
and altho being from another eastern country i did understand him

well done dell


thanks everyone for your helpim using vista and wireless broabandthat was … thanks everyone for your helpim using vista and wireless broabandthat was one thing i remember seing the rep do, he clicked on the vista bit and seen the firewall was on (green light) so thats maybe why he deleted it

Vista is more secure than XP and the firewall is better, with a wireless router I would relax.

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thats cool, cheers

agree with most above, as we have only avg on our pcs and it has always picked up any viruses etc and then we use a spywear for the spywear..... that didnt quite make sense but i am sure you know what i mean.

Don't forget if you instal a firewall turn the windows one off, you don't need two running at once, just as you don't need two antivirus programmes running.

DONT use the built in Firewall in Windows XP.

It only checks threats coming IN and does not check threats going OUT (many viruses and malware call home to a server on the internet and the windows XP firewall does NOT check this).

The firewall on Vista is better, but neither is as good as a product like Zone Alarm.

EVERYBODY who has a computer connected via broadband should run a firewall. Saying you run AVG anti virus and that is all is just asking for trouble. A firewall is VITAL.

>I can't stand Zonealarm causes more probs than it solves

I am amazed anyone can say this. Zone Alarm prompts the first time a program connects to the internet. If you click "remember this" you never get asked again.

My Zone Alarm just sits there and protects and is no trouble.

I use AVG and have pc tools firewall. Both of these are freeware and they both seem to work together very well.
Most of this is down to personal choice.
I would not have Nortons or Mcafee on my system but that is just my own view.
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