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Hi there, just enquiring if anybody knows about AVG security, my husband downloaded free trail version of avg and now it will not allow him to update (or he has to pay) then he has tried to remove or unistall it and it won't allow. Anybody got any advice??

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I have avast...its free completely

AVG is free if you download the non business version. See my post below


Free Anti-Virus SoftwarePay for anti-virus software from the biggies Symantec/Norton or Mcafee and it'll cost roughly £50 per year. Yet you can also take advantage of a variety of decent free programmes...

AVG 8.0.

AVG has a long history, and has been through loads of modifications to provide a better service on its way to the current version, AVG 8.0. The company makes its money by selling virus protection to small businesses, and offers free home-user versions as a means of promoting its professional service. It's protection is reasonably thorough, though it doesn't offer any real tech support. It's quite unintrusive, doesn't use too many resources, and it will regularly auto-update.

Alwil Software's Avast! 4.

Alwil software's Avast! 4 is free for non-commercial users and offers regular updates, as well as proper technical support via e-mail or phone. Protection-wise it's very similar to AVG, covering all the same bases and not hogging system resources, but it has a funkier interface (for those who like a pinch of fashion with their computer security). The only downside is that you have to re-register it after each year of use.


AntiVir by Alvira actually offers better standard virus detection than both of the above, but lacks in other areas. It won't scan your emails before you open them, uses more resources (less of a problem if you've a more powerful PC), and maintains a perhaps-too-visible presence on your desktop. You'll also have to occasionally re-register it to keep it going.
Whichever of these you choose, there's one important warning...


i have recently done same and it doesn't work at all, spam emails galore, nothing blocked, useless if you ask me!

There is a free version of avg.
Or you could try entering this serial number into the existing version

Original Poster

Thanks for that, however until i can unistall this we cannot put any other security on my computer.

uninstall from control panel - have you tried that route? . then put on avast. Its caused me no probs!

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tried to unistall from the control panel and it will not allow!!:?

Use the uninstall function of ccleaner. (can get from I use AVG free and never had any problems with it. I use it in conjunction with Zonealarm and spywareblaster.


avoid AVG as latest versions are very unreliable at detecting viruses compared to Avira or Avast. Lost count of posts on this site where people have moved to avast / avira from AVG only to find they have had viruses sitting undetected on their pcs for months!

don't use free software then, get what you pay for or not as the case shows........

you should try comodo, its pretty darn good, i used to use avg/avira/avast but havent looked back since using comodo.
also as said already, google cccleaner download and use the uninstaller that comes with it,

heres the link for cccleaner…er/
that should sort it out for you.

heres a link to comodo

Just use the AVG remover tool…ols

they could do that but if they only want it uninstalling, they will only use it once, cccleaner they will get more then one use with the clean up utility so would make more sense overall to download that.

Make sure that none of the AVG is running when removing.
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