Found 28th Jun 2007
Looking to replace the rather "poor" disc brakes that came with my bike. However, as always, I'm hoping to do so on a budget. Still looking at cabled brakes as Hydraulics are too much effort (and expense!). So looking for the best price on some AVID BB 5 brakes. Hoping for them to be less than £50 for a set. Any advice / details of where to find them welcome!


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Yep, looking for a pair. Chain reaction are still a bit more than i'd like to pay at £60. Thanks for help.

in my experience chain reaction tend to be the cheapest for most things

£59.98 delivered from Chain Reaction Cycles (Superb company).…880

Rode a custom built Kona Stinky a couple of years back that had the Avid BB7 cable disc brakes fitted and they were surprisingly good to be honest.Pretty much a match for most entry level hydraulics to be fair and the guy who built the bike said they were very easy to fit and set up.Work off standard V-Brake/cable disc levers.Of course there are better brakes about but not for this kind of money,Reckon it would be a worthwhile upgrade from standard Shimano/Tekro cable discs to be honest.Would consider the BB7's if your budget could stretch to them tho.Hope this helps M8.:)

have you thought about deore m515? you can get a set of those for £50 just now from chain reaction. they pretty good for the money.


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Thanks - guess i'll just have to push the boat out and buy them! I currently have Clark's QUAD discs and they're absolute trash! My friend has some HAYES MX2s but can't seem to find them anywhere!

Thanks Again - Pete

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Ouch! Are the hayes likely to be better than the Avids?

i would say so, though for your budget, get the shimano deore. the front hayes now. then when you get more the rear

My bike (04 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR) came with standard Shimano 525 hydraulic disc brakes fitted and they were pants !.Had to upgrade the rotors to Aztecs and the pads to sintered Fibrax (Shimano resin pads were useless) to get them to work properly.On a fast downhill had stupid brake fade until I upgraded them.My experience would be to go for the Avid BB7's if your budget allows.

Have a look at eBay item 330140460251 be Ok if you did'nt get nailed for VAT/Import duty ?.


Have a look at eBay item 330140460251 be Ok if you did'nt get nailed for … Have a look at eBay item 330140460251 be Ok if you did'nt get nailed for VAT/Import duty ?.

Beg them to mark it as a gift item !!!
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