Avides Media - anyone used them?

Found 9th Jun 2010
I was wondering if any of you lot had had any dealings with Avides media.
They appear to be a German based electrical retailer.

They have 'shops' on Amazon and Pixmania, and a website avides.com/, but I was concerned when their website said the best way to make payment was via bank transfer (a big no no for me), though you can use Amazon to bypass this, and presumably give yourself more protection.

Their Amazon seller rating is very high (93% positive after nearly 70,000 transactions), but I value the opinions on here more, so if anyopne has had any dealings could they let me know.

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I've used them on several occasions, both on Amazon and their ebay shop, and they have been fine. Items have been shipped from Germany by DHL.
I purchased several items, returned one without problem and received a full refund.
Excellent... thanks for your help guys
Hi, I have used the company twice and found them ethically good and a most caring company. I shall be using them again this week and entirely trust them.

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