I need to get 206 Avios to top up my balance to buy a flight. Does anyone have any ideas where I can get this many Avios fairly quickly?


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    Have you seen this? … Have you seen this?

    Yes I had but I thought there must be a cheaper way than spending £31 for 1000!

    Tesco clubcard (if you have one)

    there are some surveys sites on avios that used to give a thousand it takes some time to get a survey you can do, few attempts before you meet the criteria but the points are added quickly. just use an email address you can get rid of as they spam you a lot.

    Look on the ba website. Lots of ways to collect them there is no easy fix fo Ba Avios I'd bite the bullet spand 30 quid and have it done with unless you have an Amex card

    Convert some of your Topcashback credit for Avios points.

    Ba/Avios normally have an option of paying more cash and less avios for flights. E.g. A flight that usually cost 10000avios and £50, would have options like 9250 and £62, 8500 and £75 etc...
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