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Avios for almost 1p per point

Posted 2nd Mar

Saw this offer on headforpoints.com and thought I'll share it here.

"Buy Avios for almost exactly 1p via Iberia Plus
Iberia has extended its 50% ‘buy Avios’ bonus as you can see from this page. The offer will now end tonight, Monday 2nd March.

You need to log in to see the discounted prices.

The Iberia system is a little odd as you can only buy certain numbers of points. Once you get beyond 10,000 Avios then it must be a multiple of 5,000 Avios, pre bonus.

Importantly, you MUST change the Iberia website to an Euro-zone country to see the cheap pricing which will be in Euro. If you don’t, you will see undiscounted pricing in US$.

The maximum you can buy is 200,000 Avios – 300,000 with the bonus – for €3,601. That works out at £3,093 so, basically, 1.03p at the top end if you use a credit card with no foreign exchange fees.

Remember that you cannot transfer Avios out of an Iberia Plus account until it is 90 days old, so there is no point opening one purely to take part in this offer. If you don’t have an Iberia Plus account, I strongly recommend opening one so that you will have one which is older than 90 days for the next time a good Iberia offer comes along."
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