Aviva cashback when renewing policy?

Found 21st Nov 2014
Me & my girlfriend took out 2 separate policies for Aviva car insurance last year and both went through topcashback (she got £80, I got £70 as it was a few months later, mine was cheapest quote anyway, hers was 2nd cheapest by £2). Anyway, got cashback and all happy. Its now time for her to renew, she asked Aviva if they'd knock some money off to save going through TCB but they don't do that. The TCB T's & C's says new polices only, not payable on renewals. I'm thinking if she tells them she doesn't want to renew and on the day it runs out we go through TCB to start a new policy would we still get cashback? It doesn't say you can't but I was wondering if anybody has done this before?
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I cancel my policy every year to get better deal and cashback i am with aviva aswell but when my last policy finished they quote me £900 then i checked few other websites including aviva and was shocked to see aviva quote me £650 for same cars i cancelled my old insurance and took the new one with same details also got £70 cashback after couple of months so just go to aviva or anyother insurance website and get a new quote. Cheers
never thought of trying this
they usually add - one year before paying claims

they usually add - one year before paying claims

Didn`t understand what you meant?
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