Avoid GearBest.com at all costs

Found 4th Jan
Just a note to anyone thinking of ordering from GearBest.com - DON'T! The are scammers. You'll receive your order only by divine intervention and WHEN you don't receive it they politely string you along with, mostly automated, "customer service" replies hoping that you'll get bored and forget and let them keep the money they stole from you.
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Thanks for joining HUKD and sharing that cool story bro

I've received all my orders
Same here, all my orders ranging from 99p to over £100 have all arrived in working order after some patience as they usually ship from the far east.
Also received all my orders without any problems.
it's been 2 months since I ordered something, didn't cost much, but still annoying
pay extra for the insurance and if tracking say it was not delivered your get your money back

it should be automatically included tbf yes as it is standard with most companies however they choose to allow people to save money in the hope it has no issues, i had a razor broke the other day after 2-3 days, i messages them, they wanted a video of me trying to turn it on and charging, did this and got my money back, i have no problem cooperating, they need to do these sort of things because of customers behaviours turned unreasonable due to amazon leaneancy to returns
Takes forever to arrive, but not had any other issues thus far.
Ordered 8 items in November and all received before Christmas. One was broken, started a support ticket and was then refunded. All good for me.
All my orders have been delivered, all work as expected. However I always pay by PayPal just in case.
All mine have shown up too - no issues at all.
All mine have shown up too - takes a while.
Honestly I have always had a decent experience with Gearbest, with both cheap and more expensive items. No complaints from my side tbh, and their replace and returns people are much better than alternative companies (see my soon to be post...!)
No problems here as well. Always buy cheap stuff apart from the Xiaomi redmi Note 4 for £119 which
arrived 1 month later. Never had issues so can't comment on their after service but Paypal is used to protect me and if that fails, the credit card. There is a @Gearbest1 rep here and so may be able to assist you. Good Luck.
"You'll receive your order only by divine intervention "
Nope...... all my orders have come by royal mail (a lot)..... and have never had a problem, and will continue to use Gearbest.
All but one of my orders have been fine (ish). That was a phone that I had to moan (and moan ....) to get delivered - from an EU warehouse. And a few who also bought it have still not had delivery. Which was pretty bad and annoying. It has slightly changed my opinion of them tbh. Especially as the box was missing it's cellophane wrapping and I've found some (I suspect) malware on it !
In fact, the problems I've had with delivery are from an EU warehouse, where processing and dispatch take much longer than stated when buying. My guess is that the items are not really in stock (in the EU) and they are waiting shipment from China.
On the other hand, they were quick to send me a replacement IP camera (cost £30) that stopped working, without having to return the original.
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Thanks for joining HUKD and sharing that cool story bro
davewave3 h, 27 m ago

All mine have shown up too - takes a while.

2 orders , 2 orders received. They are pretty good , but over 2 weeks from China .
Hi Scott.readman,

Could you please kindly send me your order number for re-checking ?
Hopefully, i am able to help you

Gearbest Store Rep.Alice
You can contact me here : Alice@gearbest.com
Never had any problems with Gearbest. Just a clear case here of one disgruntled purchaser with no patience. Wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve not even tried to actually contact them
Gearbest12 h, 2 m ago

Hi Scott.readman,Could you please kindly send me your order number for r …Hi Scott.readman,Could you please kindly send me your order number for re-checking ? Hopefully, i am able to help you Gearbest Store Rep.AliceYou can contact me here : Alice@gearbest.com

It's quite pathetic that people have to come on to this website to make a complaint about Gearbest before you will bother to sort out their complaints.
I've received everything I've ever ordered from them. The worst experience I've had was with a phone that I pre-ordered in October that didn't become available until November and was shipped in December. I was annoyed by the 3 month wait but even then they sent about 2 emails informing me that there was a delay and the phone arrived yesterday. Yes the chat-bot thing is annoying but they do answer to service requests raised. Overall I wouldn't complain too much because the products are usually cheap and aside from one item everything else arrived in good time.
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