Avoid hangovers


    Avoid hangovers...... drink water :thumbsup:


    Avoid hangovers...... drink water :thumbsup:

    avoid hangovers... don't drink alcohol. :thumbsup:


    avoid hangovers... don't drink alcohol. :thumbsup:

    Lol! Beat me too it! Although these things really do work, I used to take R-U-21's before a heavy night out on the **** and I never felt bad in the morning once!

    I don't think i've really ahd hangovers, maybe once... however... that was the first time i'd drank champagne... and first time in a while i'd eaten meat! so i can say i've had none... well, maybe one! i don't know, i drink lots but i'm never wasted!

    I just down a couple of pints of water before i go to bed and i usually feel fine in the morning

    :whistling:Keep drinking:-D
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