Avoid Paypal fees on Ebay by paying using 16 digit mobile top up codes as payment.

Found 10th Mar 2009
Does anyone see any problems with this?

It would work quite well if you were selling a multiple buy it now at a fiver or tenner etc.

Out of curiosity - do all mobile companies top up their PAYG phones this way?

It saves over 7% on fiver transactions.


You don't get fee's when paying for something?

That might benefit you as the vendor but what's the incentive for the purchaser? Paypal's protection isn't the best in the world but it's better than nothing. The purchaser doesn't incur costs from Paypal so you'd have to pursaude him to use his phone points rather than Paypal for your benefit. In return he'd be stupid if he didn't requrest a discount in consideration ... and bang goes your advantage.

Don't see it myself, unless I'm missing something.

Original Poster

The advantage is offering them for deals outwith Ebay - so the seller has no selling or paypal fees.

I just paid for three items totalling £9.87 without combined postage for a fiver doing it this way, but agreeing the deal outside ebay - and only buying the cheapest item so feedback could be left.

I resent paying them fees as their recent fees are crazy, and my paypal account has been froven now for over two years - so I figured I needed some way to keep using it and recover my loss. Previously I had only been buying from local sellers and agreeing to pick things up, but using this method means I can buy further a field.

I have easily saved over the £200 the have in my paypal account since I started buying with - but outside their auction. I am also toying with the idea of starting selling again as I had loads of things I was doing as a BIN at a fiver, so I think I might give it a shot again too.
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