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    It appears that operated by thehut Group have Christmas all sorted with lots of presents.

    But when you come to return a faulty item they then state you are only allowed 14 days if unsuitable and 28 days from delivery for faulty goods.

    Of course if you are buying for Christmas and have delivered on 23rd November they then state you have no recourse for any sort of refund and thank you for your business.

    So its Christmas Day and my partner has got me a Wireless Sound Hat, a transmitter that plugs into a mp3 player and the hat has a receiver, claims to have a range of 10-12 metres, yet all you get is static and white noise.

    Where will we stand with these clowns as the item is faulty, but there returns policy seems to put them clearly at an advantage of not being able to return after 28 days.

    From research before thehut group bought the company the policy for christmas was returns upto end of January, pretty much like every other reputable online company.

    At the moment I will never purchase anything from

    Has anyone else had or about to have these problems with Christmas items purchased.

    Thanks and Happy Christmas


    Surely there's some act in which entitles you to return - I'm sure they will be understanding if you email them?

    This is certainly not a deal though is it....

    You post up this crap on a bargain forum when you havn't even spoken to the company concerned.This place must have a sign on the door saying 'idiots wecome'

    You still have the 1 year warranty. Then sell it on ebay.


    you do know also they have their fingers in pies with

    intersport online
    argos entertainment
    whsmith entertainment
    forbidden planet
    debenhams entertainment
    + a few more... so where you going to buy from :P

    do you need to go into one today about this? Surely you can just chill till tomorrow or Monday


    Remind me never to buy anything from you.

    I take it you never ever bought anything from the flea market.

    Agree the hut are awful and customer service is non existent
    Ordered an item 21/11 and took money the following day and still no item and say they won't get them in stock again so they tell me they issued a refund 9/12 but still not in my bank plus their advisors are awful.

    Never dealt with such a poor company and won't be purchasing from any if their group again even though as pointed out they have quite a few companies. Have sent a letter to their head office and looks like I will have to get the bank involved to get my money back as the hut don't seem to be doing anything and don't respond to emails


    I've bought and sold loads of stuff on there, but never deliberately … I've bought and sold loads of stuff on there, but never deliberately tried to pass off a faulty item.

    I see the misunderstanding. What I suggested is that he uses the 1 warranty to repair it, then sell it off on ebay. That's generally what people do with unwanted xmas gifts, if they cannot return to seller.

    They can state what they want in the T&Cs it's the actual law that counts and if the law overides their T&Cs then they are not worth anything. I used to have a laugh at sellers who used to state they where not responsible for items lost in the post and it would be the buyers problem. It is the retailers problem to sort out a faulty item if sold with a warranty and there nothing they can do about it.
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