Avoid using MusicMagpie for trading in!

Posted 25th Oct 2016

I've recently traded in my iPhone 6 Plus with music magpie - great working condition. They quoted £205 online which I thought was great which influenced my decision to use them.

However, they then offered a measly £45 once the item was received.

Some online research has allowed me to come to the conclusion this part of their masterplan! Many other MusicMagpie customers have had the same experience - offered great prices with rubbish revised offers.

Then the next issue - you decline the offer, and expect your item to be returned free of charge. Except it isn't. I was promised I would receive my item within 5 working dates upon receipt of an email reply. Still no phone.

I had to ask for an update on this - their website states a dispatch email will be sent once it is send back to you. Nope!

As of today, I still don't have my phone back. If you have a look at their FB page, you will see all of the posts on the page are from people who haven't received their items back, or have generally had bad customer service. I understand that on many occasions, only those who have had a bad experience will go to the trouble of posting - but the frequency of the posts are worrying!

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