Avoiding Sky Installation Fees

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Found 18th Nov 2008

I already have Sky and want to sign up to Sky HD, however as I'm an exisiting subscriber Sky want £60 for installation. I was thinking of cancelling and reordering HD in my own name (the current subscription is in my wife's name). My local installer says Sky might notice and put a block on the new subscription, is he right?




I havent heard of that happening before, probably a bit of a scare tactic on his behalf I would of thought.

Just tell them your the new tennants who are renting the place :thumbsup:

Cancel, more often than not they'll dangle the carrot in front of you so to speak (once you're put through to retentions or whatever the dept. is called now) :).

i know someone who ordered it in a completely made up name :lol: they didnt even check it out pmsl

Just got an upgrade from sky+ to HD, First called and asked for an upgrade and got quoted £150 for the HD box and £60 installation, Just told them where to go. Then called cancellations and just asked to cancel, the lady from Sky asked why i wanted to leave, I told her that the offer i got for HD was terrible and i was going to virgin ( had no intention to do this) She offered me an HD box for £99 + £30 installation, I said i was tempted but didnt want to pay for installation, She then said she would give me a £30 refund to make installation free. Then offered me a further £30 credit to my account as HD would not be fitted intil January!

Happy days!

I called them and said i wanted to leave,got a very stern woman who was wise to this trick.I then got chatting to her to soften her up and ended up with sky HD for £49 free installation and a further reduction on phone calls a month and half price Hd subscription for 6 months.All because her birthday was the same as my daughters!

If you place a new order after cancelling you can get Quidco too £35 atm

I called sky a couple of weeks ago to get HD
They said i would have to wait until Jan
Called a local company.
All up and running a couple of days later and saved about £50 - £60

Think it goes on the address and not the name, as i tried to do a similar thing using my girlfriends name but they would have it. They said i would have to cancel my subscription then wait a year as then i would be classed as a new customer and not existing and would therefore qualify for the new customer offers!

Nothing like looking after their existing customers who have be paying them for years is there?! :x

Anyway long story short............I cancelled and then kept getting letters and phone calls etc after 5 months they buckled and gave me free Sky + and free installation and i pay £17 a month for 2 viewing packages


Think it goes on the address and not the name

It can't go on the address of they wouldn't install to rented accomodation until it had been vacant for a year - which is mad!
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