Found 3rd Dec 2014
Who can I complain to about Avon, my wife opened an account with them and sold for one complain but now they keep on ringing us for a £10 admin fee when she didn't even sell anything.

Then they keep on ringing periodically to say payment is owed when the account is closed

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even if you dont sell you pay a admin fee to join , where is the paperwork she signed ?

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she didn't sign anything, it was done on an IPAD

oh right, must have been some terms she agreed to

usually the Adam n fee is there covet your first order if books and order forms etc so since your wife never actually received any then she shouldn't owe anything . did she meet with a Avon rep face to fave? if not I'd on me them and explain then hopefully they'll stop has asking you.

admin fee . so annoying you can't actually see what your writing until its submitted hense all my spelling mistakes on. above post lol
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