Avon & Somerset Police

    For the life of me I cannot remember the username of the member who is an officer with the above constabulary. I should do as I'm sure I bought a lego set off him in FS/FT.

    If you're out there mate, please make yourself known :-)

    My question is just whether or not you have any idea whether A&S will be recruiting officers again in the next 1-2 financial years? Or is there a complete freeze?

    Am considering relocating back to my home county and joining is something that interests me.

    PM if more appropriate.



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    Dog_Cop! Yes ... cheers for that.


    a complete freeze?

    thought there was a mass reduction in place.

    If there is a freeze on recruitment you could always apply to tax office as sadly police nowadays are little more than glorified tax collectors.

    Good luck.

    we are recruiting in january so im told - north wales by the way

    January is a long way off though lol! Central Scotland recruiting from second of may and tayside are recruiting now.



    we are recruiting in january so im told - north wales by the way

    yeah replacing you for a pcso oO

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    yeah replacing you for a pcso oO

    Any ideas about Somerset?

    The CI in training has been told to expect an intake in January.
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