Aww, I've missed 'Catch me if you can'

    Why you didnt tell me it was coming on?

    Love that film!


    Absolutely fantastic film haven't seen it in ages though!

    Just got off the TV watching it, great movie!

    Check on bbc iplayer or ITV on demand (whichever it was on) and see if it's on there, sometimes they put the films on there if they are feeling kind!

    Original Poster

    i haven't seen it for ages either and it doesn't seem to be coming on again anytime soon. May look on iplayer but its just not the saaaaaaaaame lol! I wanna buy it now, will have to search bluray prices

    I've got the DVD and surround sound over here if you want to come over? You bring the popcorn though

    This is the 3rd time it's been on in 18 months.

    it was also ment to be on the day of the world cup final but was canceled due to the match over running

    quality film leo shows how good a actor he is..
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